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Donate to United Fund of Iowa County to Support Local Programs and Agencies

DODGEVILLE, WI (November 20, 2021) – In honor of Giving Tuesday, being celebrated on November 30, 2021, as one of the most charitable days of the year, the United Fund of Iowa County (UFIC) is encouraging the spirit of gratitude and giving by supporting the mission of the UFIC. The UFIC recently kicked off its annual fundraising efforts for 2022 that provide resources to local programs and organizations focused on improving the quality of life for residents living in Iowa County.

“We understand that 2021 has been an unusual and challenging year for our community, whether dealing with one, if not several life stressors, such as job or income loss, eldercare, childcare and virtual education, food insecurity, as well as physical and mental health concerns,” said Donna Peterson, President, United Fund of Iowa County. “While we are all experiencing and handling these unforeseen obstacles the best we can, the United Fund of Iowa County and its volunteer board of directors and citizens, is committed to providing resources to make a positive difference. Therefore, we invite the community to join the social movement of Giving Tuesday and support the UFIC by providing a donation, if able to do so.”

Support UFIC

By giving to the UFIC, positive contributions can and do make an immediate difference with helping friends, family and community neighbors. In addition, by focusing on local communities, these aggregate actions also will impact the outcome globally. The mission of the UFIC is dedicated to:

· Lead a united effort that improves the quality of life in our community

· Support community health and human service needs

· Raise and distribute financial resources

When thinking about donating, don’t just consider the benefits of having important local programs and services, but more importantly, consider what Iowa County would look like without these programs and organizations, as well as the lost opportunities and negative impact to the area.

“By donating just $25 to UFIC, the impact is real and beneficial,” said Peterson. “The population of Iowa County is approximately just under 24,000 and if only 1,440 people, less than 1/17 our county’s population, donated just $25, we would have $36,000 to help support important programs and causes in Iowa County.”

How to Donate

Donate electronically to the UFIC with a debit or credit card, or securely through PayPal, with no requirement to have a PayPal account, from the Donate link at, or follow the web link from Facebook at , or lastly mail donations by sending a check to United Fund of Iowa County, P.O. Box 63, Dodgeville, WI 53533.

“Our annual fundraising goal is to raise $65,000 to fulfill the requests we will receive this year,” said Peterson. “Through our efforts to date, we are pleased that we’ve already raised over $29,000 and feel optimistic that we will reach our goal by the end of the year!”

To see the complete list of organizations that UFIC has provided support to during 2020-2021, visit the website:

United Fund of Iowa County Board of Directors

Donna Peterson (President), Audrey Rue (Vice President), Deb Slaney (Treasurer), Natalie Gregerson (Secretary), Karen Tennessen (Historian), Cheryl Lee, Irene Middlemas, Steve Moore, Larry McNeill, Casey Olson, Mayra Angel and Michele Casper.

About United Fund of Iowa County

The United Fund of Iowa County, Inc., is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that operates entirely with a volunteer Board of Directors and citizen volunteers. The primary mission is to solicit, obtain, and disperse funds to support the organizations that provide services to Iowa County residents.

To learn more, visit United Fund Iowa County or follow on Facebook.



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United Fund of Iowa County




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