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Iowa County residents knock it out of the park for UFIC Campaign.

Iowa County Residents Provide Unprecedented Support for 2020 United Fund of Iowa County Campaign

March 30, 2021: The United Fund of Iowa County (UFIC) Board of Directors is pleased to share the results of the annual fundraising campaign for 2020. Iowa County residents exceeded the donation goal of $50,000, which resulted in record fundraising for UFIC. In addition, over 200 Iowa county residents were first-time donors to UFIC, also a milestone.

“We would like to extend gratitude to all donors on behalf of the organizations that received grants. The selflessness demonstrated by the residents of Iowa County is extraordinary, when considering all the hardship experienced over the past year,” said Donna Peterson, President of UFIC.

Iowa County nonprofits can apply for grants from UFIC through an application process. The UFIC Board of Directors reviews the applications and awards the grants based on adherence to the criteria set forth in the application. This criteria includes that recipients must have nonprofit status and use funds received for residents of Iowa County, among other stipulations. For the 2020 campaign, UFIC was able to award grants to the following organizations via a virtual event on March 15, 2021:

ARC Southwestern Wisconsin

Community Connections Free Clinic

Dodger Food Locker

Dodgeville Public Library

Easter Seals of Wisconsin

Folklore Village Farm Inc.

Hodan Community Services

Iowa County Master Gardeners

Seniors United for Nutrition

Southwest WI Tech Foundation

Upland Hills Health

If interested in donating to the 2021 campaign, you may donate through our website at or mail your donation in the form of a check to United Fund of Iowa County, P.O. Box 63, Dodgeville, WI 53533. We encourage donors to consult your tax advisor, as your gift may be tax deductible. The United Fund of Iowa County Board of Directors: Donna Peterson (President), Audrey Rue (Vice President), Deb Slaney (Treasurer), Brooke Boelman (Secretary), Karen Tennessen (Historian), Cheryl Lee, Jeanne Lisser, Steve Moore, Larry McNeill, Casey Olson, Mayra Angel and Natalie Gregerson.

About United Fund of Iowa County: The United Fund of Iowa County, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that operates entirely with a volunteer Board of Directors and citizen volunteers. The UFIC mission is: to lead a united effort that improves the quality of life in our community; to support community health and human service needs; to raise and distribute financial resources. ###


Donna Peterson

President, United Fund of Iowa County




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