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Giving Tuesday - ‘Tis the Season to Be Thankful...

Letter to the Editor Submission

‘Tis the Season to Be Thankful, Grateful and Help Our Neighbors That are Less Fortunate

It has been a difficult year for everyone on some level. Most of us are dealing with at least one of these major life stressors, if not several: job or income loss, eldercare, childcare and education, food insecurity, physical and mental health concerns, and more. While we are all experiencing and handling the pandemic differently, one thing probably rings true for most of us: We. Feel. Helpless. So how can we overcome this?

We feel helpless because, on a global scale, it may be hard to see how our actions and contributions can impact the outcome of this pandemic and economic situation. The United Fund of Iowa County (UFIC) Board of Directors is here to remind you that your actions CAN and DO make a difference when you focus in on your immediate surroundings: your friends, family and neighbors in our community. If we all focus on supporting our local communities, these aggregate actions WILL impact the outcome globally.

For those that have been fortunate in 2020, consider the impact you could have by donating just $25 to UFIC. The population of Iowa County is (roughly) just under 24,000. If 2,000 people (less than 1/8 our county’s population) gave $25, that amounts to $50,000 to help support important programs and causes in Iowa County! We are pleased to announce that we have already raised over $31,000, so our goal of $50,000 by year end seems within reach!

When considering donating, don’t just consider the impact of having important programs and services in Iowa County. More importantly, consider what Iowa County would look like without these organizations and the impact that would have.

In honor of the social movement “Giving Tuesday” on December 1st, we appreciate your consideration to donate to UFIC if you are able to do so. If you’ve already donated to UFIC, your support is appreciated! By giving, you support the UFIC mission:

- To lead a united effort that improves the quality of life in our community

- To support community health and human service needs

- To raise and distribute financial resources

You may donate through our website at or mail your donation in the form of a check to United Fund of Iowa County, P.O. Box 63, Dodgeville, WI 53533. To see the complete list of organizations we have provided support to during 2019-2020, visit our website:

Best Wishes for a Blessed and Healthy Holiday Season!

Your United Fund of Iowa County Board of Directors:

Donna Peterson (President), Audrey Rue (Vice President), Deb Slaney (Treasurer), Brooke Boelman (Secretary), Karen Tennessen (Historian), Cheryl Lee, Jeanne Lisser, Steve Moore, Larry McNeill, Casey Olson, Mayra Angel and Natalie Gregerson.

The United Fund of Iowa County, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that operates entirely with a volunteer Board of Directors and citizen volunteers.



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